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WEBINAR: Friends of the Earth: Fossil Fuel Future

WEBINAR: How grassroots resistance can fight, and win, a fossil fuel free Green New Deal this summer.

Right now, fossil fuel projects are threatening communities and our natural world across the country.

Pipelines like Keystone XL put endangered species at risk. The Jordan Cove export terminal in Oregon threatens marine wildlife. And the Suncor refinery in Colorado is polluting the air we breathe.

All across the country, Friends of the Earth members are fighting back. You’re pushing for a Green New Deal that keeps fossil fuels in the ground while addressing the needs of communities and workers. And it’s working – just last month, New Yorkers took a big step toward stopping the dangerous Williams Pipeline.

We'll share stories from Oregon, Colorado, New York and others on the front lines fighting fossil fuels and pipelines. And we'll also explain how you can get involved this summer in our multi-state plan to put candidates and elected officials on notice that it's time to end our dependence on fossil fuels, and enact a Green New Deal that creates millions of family-supporting jobs.

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