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Presentation by Carol Kravetz at Sholem Community

DATE:        Sunday, April 7, 2019

TIME:        10:30am - Noon

WHAT:       Sholem Community

WHERE:    Westside Neighborhood School, 5401 Beethoven Street,  Los Angeles, CA 90066

Open to the Public

Presentation by: Carol Kravetz - 10:30am - 12:00pm


Carol 'Ck' Kravetz, spent a lifetime in entertainment and after her final film project, AMC/Sony “Breaking Bad”, she wrote a manual in 2015 on the job she did in the film industry. Ck now performs, The Production Coordinator; A Production Office Master Class, as a 2-day live seminar, or any other format desired, based on the manual. She has presented so far in West Virginia, Ohio, Los Angeles and Atlanta.

Ck has been training activists since 2012 on what it means to be an organizer, how to incorporate your personal story into your activism and get new activists ready to meet the challenge of the climate crisis. Climate Reality Project came along 2013 Chicago, and she has given climate presentations all around the LA basin ever since, each tailored specifically for the group. She recently took over as Speaker Training Chair of the Los Angeles Chapter.

When Ck trained to be a citizen lobbyist in 2014 with Citizens Climate Lobby, she found it the most rewarding activism she does; meeting with legislators on the State and Federal level to move climate legislation forward. As of last year she now trains climate activists to do the same.