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Speaker Boot Camp - Special Edition

Saturday, October 5, 2019, we are offering a very special Boot Camp 2.0 - Your Presentation: 24 Hours of Reality – Truth in Action
When: Saturday, October 5, 2019
Where: Hollywood; address will be shared upon sign-up
Time: 10am – 2:30pm, Lunch will be served

Space is limited.To secure a spot, sign up today with Speaker Training Chair Carol ‘Ck’ Kravetz

The Speaker Training Committee successfully launched Boot Camp 2.0 a couple weeks ago. Eleven CRP Climate Leaders got one-on-one mentoring between four trainers on site. They were offered tips and guidance on how to prepare their presentations, including: optimizing the owning of their personal climate story, selecting the right slides, research to create new and innovative slides to personalize their story and tailor it to their audience.

Climate Reality Project is on countdown to 24 Hours of Reality – Truth in Action, the annual streaming extravaganza, which is November 20 – 21.

This year Climate Reality Project will not be sending film crews around the world to capture 22 countries’ climate challenges and successes. Instead Mr. Gore and the entire CRP organization are mobilizing us – the twenty-thousand plus trained Climate Leaders in over 150 countries to give presentations in our time zones throughout the designated 24 hours.

The LA Chapter goal is to have 50 presentations during the 24 hour period. To accomplish this goal, Carol Kravetz (Ck), Speaker Training Chair, will have weekly Zoom calls with all interested parties to give climate leaders help in finding partners, getting technical help, and having an ongoing conversation about how we’re doing on our goals, who’s presenting, and where they're presenting. We want to support you any way we can and answer your questions in order to encourage as many climate leaders as possible to participate and do a presentation within the 24 hour period.